Geological office GEOEXELIXI was founded in 2010 by Konstantinos Zavridis geologist graduate from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with studier registration number: 24664 for the categories 20(geological studies) and 27(environmental studies),A class.

Geoexelixi is located in Katerini ,but it is able to undertake studies and drilling across the country.

The founder’s sufficient scientific training, experience and interest about his subject and the continuous developments are the guarantee for a perfect cooperation, with the best possible results. The continuous updating and training and the constant modernization of equipment, form a dynamic relationship between the office and the rapidly evolving science and technological Progress.

Our main feature is the mutual trust and respect relationships with each partner. These relationships document consistency in general quality principles of our office and ensure the strict path as a strong and reliable consultant and scholar in any future need.

Our office maintains excellent professional relationships with all the rig owners of the area, in order to cope with the appropriate type of rig on the specific requirements of each drilling Project.

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Contact info
Zavridis Kostantinos
Geologist Α.Π.Θ. 
Phone: +30 2351100238
Fax: +30 2351100238
Mobile: +30 6973887216
Katerini PC: 60100
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