Water drilling is a method of drilling the soil in as suitable depth for the exploitation of water resources.

Our office undertakes the design, construction and general supervision in water drilling : irrigation, water supply, industrial (farms, dairies, etc.) and recreational (tourist accommodation, swimming pools).
For licensing and locating the exact position, special study is required. Our agency indicates with the greatest possible precision the point where you have to place the drilling and prepares all the geological - environmental studies which are necessary for the authorization of water abstraction project and the license of water usage. We entirely undertake the manufacture of the drilling using the appropriate equipment depending on the soil conditions of the region , as well as the electrification of the drilling and the required chemical analysis in cooperation with appropriate certified laboratories .

Our office has the ability to undertake the design and manufacture all kinds of drilling at any depth, each time using the correct type of drill and certified materials for drilling equipment(EN 10025 , EN 10208-1 ,DIN 1626/2-2458, DIN 4925 DIN 4922 according to the norms of European Union).
We also have the most modern device for electrical prospection in Greek area, with which we can make measurements of electrical resistivity, spontaneous potential and Gamma-ray. Combining with the appropriate software Well Cab by Alt company ,we analyze and interpret the prospection data, which reveal to us the location of the water layers, the groundwater movement and the rock characteristics, in order to succeed the optimal performance of the project.

Test pumping
Our company performs the pumping test according with the written plan prepared by the Management Service. Pumping test aims to :
· determine the potential water supply of the drilling
· normalize the water flow lines to the drilling, so it works seamlessly in the future.
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Contact info
Zavridis Kostantinos
Geologist Α.Π.Θ. 
Phone: +30 2351100238
Fax: +30 2351100238
Mobile: +30 6973887216
Katerini PC: 60100
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