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Our office undertakes the study, construction and general supervision of water drillings.

Our target is to provide technical services and high quality advices. The use of guaranteed quality materials and the compliance with regulations that applies to plan and construct drillings in Greece are basic prerequisites for the excellent handling of the project. Our basic care is to cover customers’ all functional necessities with the lower possible cost needed for the project construction.

The completeness of scientific stuff and modern equipment accord in our office the flexibility to respond to the special requirements of the diversity and volume work of every study, responsibly providing special services adapted to the client requirements (private citizen, private or public body) and according to the current law.
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Contact info
Zavridis Kostantinos
Geologist Α.Π.Θ. 
Phone: +30 2351100238
Fax: +30 2351100238
Mobile: +30 6973887216
Katerini PC: 60100
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