We have the most modern device for electrical prospection in Greek area, with which we can make measurements of electrical resistivity, spontaneous potential and Gamma-ray. Combining with the appropriate software Well Cab by Alt company ,we analyze and interpret the prospection data, which reveal to us the location of the water layers, the groundwater movement and the rock characteristics, in order to succeed the optimal performance of the project.

Loggings are a valuable tool for collecting additional geological or geotechnical data along the drilling and the surrounding environment. More specifically we can take the following types of logging:
· Natural gamma radiation (Gamma-ray)
· SP method
· Recording of special electrical resistivity
· Recording of drilling diameter(3arm-caliper)

With which we achieve the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the soil so as to reveal
· The stratigraphy-structure in the entire length of the drilling(avoiding errors of a poor sampling).
· The type of the aquifer(lithology), the location of the aquifer layers(so they can help us in the correct placement of the filter tubes).
· The salinity and temperature of the water(identification of the brackish position and avoidance-isolation of them when tubing the drilling.
· The aquifer zones
· The depth of the bedrock
· The technical condition of the drilling

We should note that logging performances was introduced as an institution with ministerial decision (ΦΕΚ 292/12-3-2003)
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Contact info
Zavridis Kostantinos
Geologist Α.Π.Θ. 
Phone: +30 2351100238
Fax: +30 2351100238
Mobile: +30 6973887216
Katerini PC: 60100
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